A Band Tale – Part I

Once upon a time, in the far far away land of Ahmedabad, there was this Tall Thin One with long hair and a big nose. He had a crazy passion for drumming. Then there was this other Not So Tall Thin One, who was kinda crazy and loved guitars. These two got together and started off with Summer of 69 and Its my life (absolute classics at that point of time). They jammed and jammed until one fine day, they realized- “What the hell are we doing?”

Then one fine day, the Not So Tall Thin One saw a vision- a vision of God- a God named Iron Maiden. He went out. He bought cds. He saw concerts. He learnt about a new concept- a concept called METAL. And then he realized, that if u want, u can make it Heavy Metal. That was IT. He picked up his guitar and started playing. He played and played until one day VOILA! That was IT! Fear of the Dark! The solo! Every bit of it! The Masterpiece! And this guy had mastered it!

All this while, the Tall Thin One was busy with his feet. He practiced increasing the speed of his double bass. The Not So Tall Thin One got together with the Tall Thin One and just played and magic was created!

Meanwhile, about 200 km from this place, in a small town called Baroda, there was this Dude. He had a dream. A dream of a band which would rock. And rock hard. All he wanted to do was get up there on the stage and make the crowd go crazy. He, like these other two guys, was also into guitars and drums. So he looked around and he found a diamond in the rough. A Kid. He saw that the Kid was a decent guitarist, but needed direction. At that point of time, he was still stuck at Karan Johar classics. He picked up this Kid, polished him and started off a band of his own.

But that was not the end of it. Now after the band of the Dude dissolved, he made the journey to the city of Ahmedabad in search of a future. It was fate that the Tall Thin One was part of the same batch that the Dude was. They met. They talked. The Tall Thin One invited the Dude over to his place for a jam session. There he met the Not So Tall Thin One, an aloof mind-our-own-business type of genius. There he heard Heavy Metal. That gave him a kind of rush nothing else had ever given back. He trudged back to his homeland and told the Kid about this. Things were getting warm.

Then came the winter of 2006. The Dude made the journey to the land of Pune- the land of hot girls with hot legs and sexy boots. He met the Tall Thin One who in turn introduced him to a couple of other guys who already had a band there. They needed a bassist. The Dude had never played bass. But he was ready to de anything for music. So he picked up his bass and started off. Overdrive was formed.

Over the next 6 months, Overdrive became a name to reckon with. With an impressive setlist and a formidable line up, Overdrive was set to rule the world. And soon enough, the Not So Tall Thin One joined. Overdrive was almost complete.

But then disaster struck! Jatin, one of the most prolific guitarists, was taken away. He was called to the land of the Onsite. Kunal, one of the most versatile members of the band (and the lead vox) left the company, the city and consequently the band. This spelt doom for Overdrive. With the Tall Thin One, the Not So Tall Thin One, the Dude and the Kid, it didn’t seem much. But it was not to be. In came the Kid. He filled the void that Kunal had left and Overdrive was back on its feet.

They worked hard to fill up the gap left in the band. And in 3 months we saw Soul…

It was a completely new set list… It was a revolution… It was BALLS OF METAL!!!

To be continued…

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  1. Vinali says:

    do u take lessons pa? 😉

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