The masterpiece is back!!!

As i was walkin down the road,
carrying my entire huge load,
i stopped to drink water,
wat happened next i’ll tell u later..
started my journey with rs.50 in my pocket,
there’s a very sexy heroine in hollywood called winslet Kate.
she worked in a movie called titanic,
right now i want an icecream to lick.
icecreams come in many diff flavors,
Like mango,
Be careful or it’ll melt n fall on ur lengo..
Then u’ll have to give it for dry cleaning,
A bird’s hand is called a wing..

Sir wants to question u in private,
Be careful, coz he just might get intimate..
All this can ruin ur fate,
And he might become ur life long mate.
That’ll be difficult coz then it’ll be kantaben,
There’s a huge wrist watch in london called bigben..
kaustav is sitting in front of me n he’s getting very sleepy,
Water in the pacific ocean is very deepy..

That statement is highly ironical
This poem is getting more n more paradoxical.
This poem does not make any sense,
Still we try to make it highly dense.
Increase in mass decreases the volume,
If the teacher doesn’t know anything, he says-‘assume’
We can either maarofy jhaadoo with a broom..
Or like the American idiot we can vacuum our room.

The woods are lovely dark n deep,
But in the market they’re available real cheap.
When a cockroach comes at her the girl shouts EEEP
Don’t have pepsi alone, alone give me a seeeep
I have miles to go before I sleep
When the tap is leaking, it begins to dreeep..

Now I think its time to go away,
Pls do say HI to my uncle Earnest Hemmingway,
Who lives just down the street..
Keep ur fingers crossed for our next feat.

Two depressed souls in a highly hostile atmosphere of a class room of techo..
(rahul and sandeep)


  1. Vinali says:

    i had got this long back…i was talking to kaustav day before yest.. and we realized that we are such creative people that hum boredom, depression.. blah blah .. in sab cheezon mein bhi apni energies kuchproductive kaamne use karte hai 🙂

  2. Nimisha says:

    Beta Xion…Sion is a central suburb in Mumbai 😀

  3. Nimisha says:

    That was with respect to the matrix post… :)Good to see your blog!!

  4. My pleasure… Sion, Xion… wts the difference 😉

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