The Matrix Theory

The One.



The Choice.

Sound familiar?

Well, this is undoubtedly the best concept to have emerged out of a movie in a long long time. The number of ways this can be related to real life are staggering.

The most fascinating par about this movie is a statement made by the Oracle: “You can only look into your future until your choice.” Your future depends upon the choices you make. Sounds simple enough? It is.

Think about it. You are riding your pulsar (ya, I love these analogies). You see a truck taking a turn at the intersection right in front of you. You decide whether u speed up or slow down. Depending upon your decision, you may sail past the truck, come to a shuddering halt or crash like a bug into the windshield. It again sounds like a simple decision based on judgement of speed and distance- something that most of us (me excluded, considering my history of accidents) are gifted with. But it is this decision which will decide whether you leave the area safely, reach your destination 3 minutes late or end your life in a gruesome, albeit dramatic, way.

This is getting kind of morbid now, so lets get back to the original topic. As i was saying, Your choice determines your future. Be it a crucial choice between taking Mechanical Engineering in L. D. Engineering College, or taking the risk of Metallurgical Engineering in M. S. University, or a nominal one like what colour underwear you are gonna wear to office today, every choice does, in some mysterious way, affect the course of your life.

Life gets interesting if you decde to wear that favourite red pair of underpants and then find out, much to your dismay that they are soiled/stinking. This calls for a change of decision, or in this case, a change of underwear. Under all cicumstances, life goes on.

How would choice of underwear affect your life, u ask.

Well, consider the case of a very good friend of mine. 9th standard. Saturday- sports uniform- white pants. Now this gentleman decided, for some godforsaken reason, to wear a pair of white underpants (briefs) with red polka dots. RED POLKA DOTS! (At this point, i wonder, what natural or manmade disaster could have prompted him to even buy such a pair of pants, but then who can understand the human mind? Well, we are trying to do that here. Back to the discussion) Ya, so as I was saying, RED POLKA DOTS!

Well, white school pants tend to get transparent when wet (and so do white T-shirts – thank God for that 🙂 makes for some interesting rainy season scenery) and it rained that day. This gentleman wet hs pants (not literally) and VOILA! There it was for all to see. RED POLKA DOTS! Damn.

Life can get affected big time if you do not choose carefully. Well, his social image went for a resounding six aftr that. Red polka dots will not gain you any respect (unless you are Marilyn Monroe in Gentle men Prefer Blondes – which incidently was a black and white movie- so the colour of the dots on the dress is anybody’s guess- I guess red) and needless to say, he lost his. You see, your choice can affect your life in mysterious ways.

But then how do you make your choice?

Well, at the first phase, I use the simplest of all techniques: Elimination. Remove the crap and u r left with gold!

Aah, if only life was that simple. Try this, then move on to a very boring system of careful examination of all possibilities and then selecting the choice with the highest probability of success or the lowest probability of failure.

For example, if in doubt regarding the choice of apparel, go for black. Black always works. If you are heavy, it’ll make you look slimmer. If you are skinny, It’ll give you volume. Black works in mysterious ways. it has the least probability of failure (very low chances that you wont look good and it matches everything) and the highest probability of success (vice versa from above).

If you find all this too complicated and not worth the effort, then go with the simplest technique: GUT FEELING. This is also known as mood. “Aaj black pehenne ka mood ho raha hai.” “Mood for Pizza!” “Lets watch a Himesh movie today!” (Ok the last one is a good choice for a horrifying suicide but well, more on that later.) Obeying your moods whims will ensure that you are happy with your choice and life goes on without complications. Thats how it should be.

Keep it Simple! (Ok, now fingers tired, Germany won the semis, I’m zonked out. its 3 AM… I shall continie this later…)



  1. S Vardhan says:

    Very interesting read… like your analogoies …very chatty, very engaging… look forward to more posts… keep writing… must have taken someone with some vision to plant the idea in your head :)Tip: try working on more interesting headings… haww!!:-p

  2. flavoured says:

    i too vouch for elimination techinque :-)eagerly waiting for the nxt post

  3. Sanchit says:

    am dazed…

  4. Inside Out says:

    Hey Rahul,This one is indeed a fabulous read(as usual!):)I love your analogies and perspectives:)Keep writing and keep inspiring:)

  5. Sandeep says:

    RED POLKA DOTS!!!hahahahaha

  6. DUDE… good stuff… love the ‘poem’… would be great to read more of em 😉

  7. This is a true story… Red Polka Dots actually happened!!!

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