In pursuit of Perfection…

They say nothing’s perfect. They say that perfection is merely a direction, not a destination (or something like that). They say perfection is impossible.

Question1: Who the hell are they?

Question2: Who told them (referring to the “they” above) to give their opinions and force it on the world?

Well, i was just going through Apoorva’s blog… (apporvadixit.blogspot) He’s put up a picture of Amir Khan- All muscular and close cropped hair and a complete non-chocolate boy look. Has he achieved perfection? AK would disagree. Increase the bar. So everytime u reach there, there’s more to go? So does this mean there’s no satisfaction?
Where do we draw the line? When will we be satisfied (if there is such a thing).

I say that perfection can be achieved. Perfection can be that one perfect solo on your guitar. Perfection can be that perfect consistency of maggi noodles that you cook, with the right amount of butter. Perfection can be achieved… Everywhere… Every time… At every moment of your life, when your living and not dying, your body parts are going about doing their bodily functions with unmatched perfection.

The problem is that we focus too much on the follies… You sneezed once in the day. So we focus on that 5 second sneeze all day (yes, i have an elongated sneeze… its quite amazing) and forget about the remaining 86395 seconds of the day, when your nose behaved itself… Give the organ a lil bit of credit…

Perfection is achievable… Its not the act, but the vision that makes something perfect. Read on…

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  1. If your solo,your noodles and your sneeze are the best in your circle of influence den tats perfection.. but its still impossible to attain.. coz stagnant perfection leads to complacency.. rather its an outcome of complacency.. and a perfectionist and a complacent can never go together!!”Realization of Perfection is the birth of complacency”-ApoorvaP.S After writing this i have attained perfection in getting confused.. I have realized that i am perfect,that means i am complacent.. I don’t know what i want to be..

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