HighWay61- Band profile

The Band:
Each of the band members have been part of various rock bands over the past 7-8 years, and in that time they have been through the usual rock/heavy metal/film music phase that most bands go through. It is now time to make some serious music, and it is with this intention that Highway 61 was conceived.

“We believe that it is time for us to take a stand. We are the voice of a resurgent youth and we believe that it is necessary to make our voices heard. It is time to take our future in our own hands “

“hum aghaaz hai, hum anjaam hai, hum afaaq hai, hum avaaz, jo sahi vo hai raasta, jaago ab to tum zara, Jaago…”

Jaago zara- Highway 61

The Music:
“Feel” is the keyword that the band associates with. Every song has a certain feel associated with it, and it is on this feel that the song is composed. Jazz, Metal and Hindustani classical music influences can be felt in the music. Urdu/Hindi lyrics combined with Rock/Jazz give the band the unique feel that it has.

“mazhabon k beechme kho gaya tu kaha, aye khuda, kya hua, kho gaya tu kaha…”

Mazhab- Highway 61

The Name:
Highway 61 is the iconic road which runs in the USA from the ‘Delta’ i.e. the Mississippi Delta to the Canadian border. In the early 19th century, the African natives (brought to the country as slaves to work in cotton plantations) marched to their freedom over this road, migrating to mainland USA. They took just one asset with them, their music. Time saw pocket havens of music forming along the long road, born out of this early African blues music. Aptly called the Blues Highway breathes freedom, music and expression.

The People:
Mohammed Muneem: Lead Vocals/Lyricist
Born and raised in Kashmir, Muneem has been penning lyrics since the age of 14. Blessed with a powerful voice, Muneem has written and composed heart numbing songs such as Kashmir and Mazhab, which engulf you in their apathy as well as power packed numbers such as Mukhtalif, which would take you to another level of self-realization.

Arjun Mendhi: Lead Guitars
The epitome of politeness, Arjun Mendhi is the true messenger of the “Feel” component of the band. A student of Blues, his smooth, silky solos draw inspiration from David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. A perfectionist at heart, Arjun is at the moment authoring a book on Music Theory for Guitar.

Jatin Kale: Lead Guitars
In Jatin, we have the Master of Metal. His power-packed high voltage solos are legendary in the music circles. Everything works out quickly when he’s present in the jam session, Jatin proves to be a true catalyst for the band. Using speed and precision, complex riffs are a piece of cake for this guitar prodigy.

Rahul Majumdar: Bass Guitars/Backing Vocals
Trained in Hindustani Classical Music and Tabla since the age of 4, Rahul has been into music for over 20 years. Having a solid technical knowledge of both melody as well as rhythm, Rahul uses advanced Bass playing techniques to add an extra dimension to the music over and above the conventional means.

Hardik Vaghela: Keys/Backing Vocals
A fantastic singer and guitarist in his own right, Hardik lends an air of creativity in the band. His fillers, environment feels and keyboard solos make every song complete. Influenced by AR Rehman, this guy is a hit with the ladies too. Well, it does increase the band fan following so no complains about that!

Anant Joshi: Drums
Anant A.K.A. “Scary” gives the band a “Death-Metal” feel. A hardcore mad man on the drums when let loose, Anant can take even the most complicated of rhythms and seamlessly roll it into one of his gut-wrenching drum solos. Influenced by the gods of heavy metal- Megadeth, Maiden and Metallica, Anant can headbang each song into an earth shattering climax.

The Purpose:
Music. Freedom. Expression.



  1. Inside Out says:

    Great initiative..noble mission..fantastic team..amazing theme!I couldn't stop dreaming of seeing 'Highway 61' becoming the best and the most favorite Band of our nation (&the world & the universe)!Amen.Rock ON!!May you triumph forever and ever!Kudos!

  2. siddhi says:

    mazhab rocksssss!!!!

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