The Best Chicken Frankie: Goodies, Baroda

Goodies has been a known name in baroda for over 20 years as one of the best Bakers in baroda. Birthday cakes and bread has always been their forte.

However,  Goodies’ cafes have been one of the best day food outlets in the city.

This review is dedicated to the chicken Frankie. The Best Chicken Frankie.

This has a nice soft thick roti layer coated in egg this is served with chips and salad.

But what makes this The Best Chicken Frankie is the chicken stuffing. This contains a beautiful chicken gravy. A nice Brown onion Garam masala based gravy is just a lil spicy. The spice isn’t overpowering. Just perfectly flavored.

As you bite into the Frankie the chicken gravy explodes in your mouth. What’s amazing is that despite being mildly flavored it packs a punch.

What I personally enjoy is eating this with a spoon and fork and then wiping of the last bits of gravy and chicken with the left over salad

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