Whiskey-Beer Appreciation – Jameson Irish Whiskey @Effingut

An amazing experience at the Whiskey – Beer Appreciation Evening’ at Effingut brewerkz. The guest speakers were Lorcan Garvey, Ambassador for Jameson’s India and blogger cum beer enthusiast John Eapen. Read more here in this amazing write up by Don Cheriyan!

Uisce Beatha | My Whisk'e'y Diaries

A massive face, curly moustache, a thick beard, and colored shades powered by neon lights looked down upon us as we made our way through the entrance and into the mezzanine. What stood before us was most pleasant and a sight for sore eyes. To our left lay this wall, all black and grey, packed with large speakers positioned side to side with a cluster of microphones suspended from the ceiling. In front of us and extending to the right lay these huge shelves which took the role of pseudo walls; each shelf housing either books, audio cassettes, vinyl records, transistors, amplifiers and even an idiot box (‘telly’). But to me one of the highlights was an ‘old-school’ motorcycle hanging – all chrome and vintage blue!

As we stomped up the stairs we were entertained by pictures of ‘Snoopy and Peanuts’ and on reaching the top we found ourselves amused…

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  1. Donnie says:

    Thanks Rahul! 🙂

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