The Happiest Burp : Pune’s Top Food Bloggers Recommend The Dishes That You Absolutely Must Try

A collection of recommendations from some of the finest food bloggers in the city…!

The Pune I Love

If you’ve always thought food bloggers are a spoilt lot, you’re right. Perhaps the most rewarding kind of writing (gastronomical pleasure trumps all, doesn’t it?), food blogging is also the most sought after content these days. But it isn’t all pancakes and parathas. Food bloggers have to be brutally honest and go down to the minutest detail when judging their plate. And in this profession of making everyone hungry, having a perpetually full belly is the only way to be relevant!

We got in touch with Pune’s top food bloggers and asked them the dish that has been the most memorable in their culinary journey. A dish that according to them, is an absolute must try for every foodie. The results were amazing and have left us wagging our tongues!

Here are the top picks from Pune’s most celebrated food bloggers:

1. Monalisa Mehrotra, @bellydriven. This self…

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