Murphies – Spud Delights!


Murphies, Koregaon Park, attempts to take the humble aloo to the higher echelons of gastronomy. #TheBTeam got to whet their ap’patatos last night, marveling at some ingenious dishes, all starring the unpretentious batata.


Murphies Potato Crisps

The Murphies potato crisps with saffron dip takes the peel of the potato to a whole new level. Crisp skins of potato, with herbs and spices, this could be a brilliant ‘bitings’ with drinks. They do serve an amazing version of this with barbecue pork (coming up below)

Chicken Strips

Chicken strips with honey chilli: Can’t really go wrong with fried chicken! The chicken strips were crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, served with the sweet ‘n spicy honey chilly dip tasted simply smashing.

Coconut Prawns

Coconut Prawns:Whole prawns deep-fried in a grated coconut batter. The overall flavor was just too sweet, and overpowered the prawns. Felt like a coconut ‘peda‘ wrapped around a prawn. Prawn jaye par sugar na jaye? Meh.

Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Bacon Wrapped Prawns definitely ranks in my all-time top 10 dishes. However, this version definitely lacked execution. I would have loved the bacon to be a bit more crisp, and the prawns to be a little less cooked. A fine balancing act this dish is. The tangy mustard sauce also played truant to the beautiful bacon-prawns flavor. This one missed the mark, much to #baconbaba’s utter disappointment.

Barbeque Pork Crisps

Barbeque Pork Crisps: A dish that had me drooling like the pig! Beautiful slivers of barbeque pork, with sweet sticky sauce, over crisp salty potato crisps, served with a tart yogurt dip. Sweet, sour, salty, crispy, gooey… Flavor and texture heaven. Perfect balance. Spectacular dish.

Bacon Mushroom Murph

The Murph: Also known as Jacket Potatoes, these are huge taters with their inside scooped out, filled with delicious stuff, oozing with goodness, with a crisp skin base. Caution – each murph is super sized and has the potential to stuff you up like no ones business!

Bacon Mushroom Murph

I opted for the Bacon Mushroom Murph (duh!). Stuffed with bacon, mushroom, pork belly bits, olives , coated with cheese, this was a delicious monstrosity. As I mentioned earlier, it is difficult to get through even one of these, and is more than enough to serve as a single meal.

I also did try the other murphs that landed on our table, and really liked the Steak ‘n Gravy (pork). For the vegetarians, the Mexican Veg is good option. The Chicken Tikka Murph (indian tikka flavor) and the Prawns Basil Murph (basil overpowered the prawns) didn’t go down well with me, personally. I’ll stick to the pork!

There was one item on the menu that had attracted me from the get-go, so, I grudgingly let go of half a murph, and gave into temptation. And lo and behold, I dug into the Honey Glazed Pork Belly.

Honey Glazed Pork Belly

Pork belly is where most bacon is prepared from. And it remains the fattiest juiciest cut of meat. When done well, it becomes this yummy sweet n salty bit of heaven. And this, was just what the doctor ordered. Soft buttery pork belly, sweet and peppery honey glazed sauce, and a bacon mashed potato side. Can it get more heavenly? The crushed black pepper in the sauce gave it a bite that took this heavenly dish to levels of stardom (yes, I’m gushing, that’s how much I loved it!)

Honey Glazed Pork Belly

The others ordered a buff steak and cajun chicken. Both good preparations for people preferring those meats. But of course, I was happily tucking into my belly 🙂 🙂

Murphies serves some pretty kickass cocktails and beer. I was freaking out on one called the ‘Smokin Smoky’  – a concoction with old monk apple cinnamon. Super chilled out atmosphere, quick service, and wholesome food make this tater-tot a whole spud-loving place. And did I say the Chef really knows how to cook pork? All you pork lovers out there, you will LOVE this place!

Give it a shot! And if you do, do NOT Miss the Pork Belly!

I was invited for the tasting event. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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    Wowww wowww and WOWWWW is all I can manage to utter as I’m droooooooling on every word and picture on that blog.. You are amazing Baconbaba… Beautifully porked blog…. You murphed it for sure👍😍😍😍

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