The Object(-ivity) of my affections!

A couple of days back I was having a discussion with a couple of my friends about how objective can a ‘food review’ can really be. Their point was that as a food reviewer/blogger you must be completely objective, keeping aside all bias and personal views.

I tend to disagree with this viewpoint. When we talk about reviews, we do see opinions all over the place these days. Tech reviews on YouTube are a rage these days, and it is possible to be objective about tech. You can quantify tech gadgets into specs, and put a valid “score” on performance, speed and user-experience. The same goes for most objects – shoes, clothes, travel destinations, hotels etc.

Food, unlike other subjects, is extremely personal.

I, for example, LOVE spicy food, and would rate the ghost chilli chicken or the spicy pork ribs at Flying Duck or the super hot misal served at Newale misal very highly. But Monalisa, aka Bellydriven  may not be able to tolerate that level of spice would definitely stay away from either of those. I like sweet craft beers, and really liked the last batch of Hefty Braggot at Effingut , but Arvind Soju was completely disappointed, since he prefers the bitter stout.

As a result. we may have had a similar experience and be “objective” about things like ambiance, service or price point but our respective reviews of the exact same place, at the exact same visit, with the exact same level of service may end up being diametrically opposite – purely because of the way our respective taste-buds reacted to the food!

Does that mean that either of our reviews was inaccurate? Not really. Our experience, particularly with respect to food is a result of our personal tastes. And that is exactly what the review should reflect.

In the words of PEO CEO Aniruddha Patil, we don’t write reviews. We merely share experiences.

What have been your recent experiences that have changed your flavor preferences?



    Completely agree with you. Taste buds can rule the words that flow to describe food. I would go to the extent of saying that on different days yr tastebuds may react differently for the exact same food and this may also result in a completely different experience for yrself. Food is very individualistic and may vary from person to person and mood to mood!

  2. Suman Kumar Datta says:

    I second your thoughts.
    It’s totally a relative feeling.
    My wife likes which I don’t like.. i like but my son doesn’t and so on.

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