Traditional Thai Festival at The Grand Sheraton

Feast. That’s exactly what you get when you step into Feast, the buffet restaurant in any Grand Sheraton across the world. And Grand Sheraton hotel Pune stands proudly with its international brethren as it boasts a huge spread of delicacies as part of its buffet, ranging from Indian to Continental, shawrma to Paella, grills and desserts, middle easter hummus and North Indian Dahi bhalla. The choice is, indeed, mind boggling

To make things even more special, they have invited Masterchef Ms Tivaporn Metta along with her team from Thailand to give us a taste of traditional thai cuisine.


We started off with Tom Kha Haed Rum, a coconut milk based mushroom soup with lemongrass, kefir lime and galangal. The broth was beautifully balanced with the coconut milk flavor, with  generous amount of mushrooms. There were whole bits of lemongrass stalk, which added a lot of flavor, but was a little annoying in terms of texture.


As we moved on to salads, we were greeted with Yum Woon Sen, a spicy glass noodles based salad. This was quite heavy on chopped peanuts and  lime, but, I personally love that aspect of thai food, so all good. This is one salad I would relish any time! We were also served a scallops based salad called Pah Hoy Shell. The scallops were well cooked, but over all it lacked any defining flavor, amd was rather bland.


Were then served a karee puff kai – an exotic  version of the popular bread roll. The stuffing had a distinct flavor of haldi, and almost tasted indian. Crunchy,  tasted brilliant with the accompanying sauces.

Main course started off with the dish I was hoping for… The Thai Red Curry! Served with roasted duck, I pretty much wiped off the whole bowl. Just the right balance of sweet and spicy, embellished with grapes, pineapple, red chilli and basil with perfectly cooked duck, this was one of the best variants of Thai  Red curry i have had. Oh, and they choose to call it Geang Phed Ped Yang


We were also served a wok fried lamb in a spicy basil sauce. While the sauce was delicious, the lamb could have been cooked a little longer before being tossed into the wok to get it a bit more soft. Surprisingly, despite the meat being chewy, we were still going back for bites of this.


For the vegetarians, there was a sweet and sour tofu with pineapple amd shitake mushroom sauce on offer. As the name suggests, this dish was on the sweeter side with no spice to balance it out. I stuck to the duck.


For desserts, we were served two coconut milk based dishes. One was Tub Tim Krob – water chestnut dumplings in coconut milk and crushed ice. It tasted watered down, probably due to the ice melting. The Guay Buad Chee – a warm banana+coconut milk dessert was very comforting.


If that spread wasn’t enough, we had the option to go back to the main menu amd gorge on the insane variety of desserts on offer… And man, did we! What you see below is just a glimpse of the hogfest that ensued!


I went back  to the chinese section of the main buffet while. My friends chose to attack the rogan josh and rajma chawal!


All in all, for 1375++, this is an excellent spread to pamper yourself silly for that special day, or just for a hogfest!

The thai festival is on till the 29th of April. Sawasdee krab

Ps: I was invited as part of a bloggers preview. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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