The Blue Plate full of awesomeness!

Pune’s favorite Custard Specialty Restaurant, Cafe de Custard recently launched their new bistro – The Blue Plate, opposite Croma, Aundh.


The place is nicely done up, well lit, neat and has a cozy feel to it overall. The menu is a nice mix of salads, bagguttes, flatbreads and pasta, along with the signature CDC custards.


We ordered ice teas and chicken Caesar salad to start with. The salad was absolutely delicious. Yummy creamy dressing, fresh vegetables, fried croutons and chunky chicken pieces. Loved it. Even Mr Baconbaba (who doesn’t usually get close to a salad) gobbled it up.


In our next visited we also tried a couple of other salads. Particularly loved the Waldorf salad – a fresh bunch of apples, celery, grapes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum and mayo.


Next we ordered a chicken mayo baguette and a bacon flatbread. The baguette was super fresh and soft with a delicious light chicken filling.


The Bacon flatbread was being dished out from the kitchen for the very first time since this place opened a week back. And oh my my.. this is a cracker dish for all you bacon lovers out there. Crisp flatbread topped with generous amount of bacon strips with a naturally sweet taste oozing out of them. Yum yum yummy:) Our 2 year old relished this so much (long with her dad of course!).


On our first visit, we did find it a bit on the sweeter side, since there was nothing to balance the inherent sweetness of the pork. On our 2nd visit, Pratik had changed the recipe to add a bit of chilli flakes. And now when you bite in, you feel the soft gooey cheese, the sweet and salty bacon, and the crisp base, with the chilli flakes lending it the final hit at the back of the throat. Well balanced is an understatement.


For you chicken eaters, the Piri-Piri chicken is an amazing option. The piri-piri sauce has a fantastic sweet n spicy bite to it, owing to the chillis and onions which make up the sauce.


We ended up ordering a pink sauce chicken pasta as well. Super delicious sauce which was a mix of red and white sauce. Enjoyed it till the last spoon.


We also tried the Spaghetti Aglio Olio, a simple pasta dish tossed in olive oil, garlic and fresh veggies.

IMG_20170426_215832 Last but the not least, that one dessert we had to order. Yes, the CDC mango devil!
One wasn’t enough, so a second one had to be ordered. Rich creamy yummy custard topped with a layer of whipped cream and loads of chunky mango pieces. How can anyone not love this


Portions of the dishes are decent here and overall it is a pocket friendly place.

The flatbreads and the mango devil ensure multiple revisits!

PS: This experience is based on two visits here – one invite and one self sponsored. As always, The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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