OktoberFest at Classic Rock Coffee Co. India , Baner

Last Friday #TheBTeam was #invited to check out the ongoing OktoberFest at Classic Rock Coffee Co. (CRCC), Baner. This place has been creating quite the buzz, as they have successfully replicated the model from the long running Kalyani-Nagar branch.
While the feel of this hip place is substantially different from the super chill vibes of the older sibling, they have a pretty damn good setup here. Full with Rock n Roll memorabilia and a kick ass DJ, the mood here is always party time!
Coming back to the Oktoberfest, the menu curated for this isn’t really very Oktoberfest-y. I was expecting some super craft beers paired with Brockwurst, or currywurst or all those other -wursty delicacies, along with some schnitzels or sauerkraut, and ending with an Apple Strudel!
But, alas, that was not to be. We were presented with a beer menu with familiar names – White Owl, Bira, KF with some premium brands like Howgarden, Kronenburg, Stella and Corona (yes, Corona is premium – it’s expensive!). The only plus point here is the offers on the pitchers. Expect some good deals on the 1.5 liter pitchers, and the bucket of 10 pints.
The curated food menu had a couple of interesting standouts.
The Bacon Wrapped Chicken was my personal favorite (duh, hello #baconbaba!) – with the decadent bacon enveloping some gorgeous minced spicy chicken, fried together, creating quite an amazing bro-mance!
The California Prawns were literally a standout dishes – Beer battered deep fried skewered prawns – really difficult to mess those up!
Among the veg starters, the Corn cheese balls in all their oozy cheese crunchy glory, deserved a re-order, while the Jalapeno poppers were a bit of a let down.
The star attraction, or so they would have you believe by their promo video, was the Roast Chicken. A whole chicken (I kid you not – check out the photo below!), marinated in ‘chef’s special spices’ stuffed with chicken sausages, mushrooms, green peas, american corn, and rice, roasted in the oven, served with a butter vegetable and red wine sauce.
The chicken? Perfectly roasted, down to the bone.
The red wine jus? Silky consistency, lip smacking, perfect to drench the chicken.
The stuffing? That’s the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s (or the chicken’s?) back. The rice was grossly overcooked, and with the ‘secret spices’ created a weird khichdi like consistency that was entirely avoidable. We just pushed the stuffing to one side and continued gorging on the chicken.
The desserts, while not quintessentially German, were spectacular. The Old Monk Chocolate Mousse was silky, boozy and absolutely mind blowing. The Baked New York Cheese cake was yummy to the limit. And the chocolate tart, while a little too cold and slightly hard, was much like a gooey chocolate eclair. Do not leave without pigging out on the desserts!
The Oktoberfest is on at CRCC Baner till Sunday, 01-October. Do check it out if you are in the area!

PS: I was invited as part of a blogger’s table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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