Roghandaaz – Kababs with a legacy


Friday night, “bachelored” friend (bhabhiji ghar pe nahi hai) and 6 friends craving = house party!

The Menu

Started thinking of food options, and since the house was located at NIBM, the first name I thought of was Roghandaaz by Aliya Nada Saifi aka LobsterPastaLady. I hadn’t tried her food yet, and I was looking forward to it. Gave her my requirements – 6 “good eaters” kababs, biryani and, maybe, a bit of dessert. She immediately suggested Kebabs. Nihari. Biryani. Sheer Sewai. Dude…..

Guler Kababs

baconbaba roghandaaz guler kabab
Guler Kababs – PC: Roghandaaz

The Guler kababs were medium sized deep fried balls of minced meat,stuffed with mint and raisins. Crunchy on the outside,and buttery soft inside, these were absolutely phenomenal! Never have I tasted anything like this – mildly spiced, with hints of sweetness from the raisins and the freshness of the mint – perfectly balanced, absolutely delicious.

Shami Kababs

baconbaba roghandaaz shammi kabab
Shami Kababs – PC: Roghandaaz/CityShor

Shami kababs were as shami kababs are supposed to be. Light flavor of cinnamon, melt in the mouth mince meat. We should have heated it though as it had dried up after going cold. Completely our fault.

The Chicken Koftas did not match up to their mutton cousins – ended being a bit dry and dense.

Biryani ❤

The biryani was spectacular. Generous amount of soft mutton, layered saffron and white rice and a lovely sprinkling of fried onions. Rich, smoky, addictive – exactly what the doctor ordered 🙂

Dessert – Sheer Sevai

baconbaba roghandaaz sheer sevai
Sheer Sevai – PC: Roghandaaz

For dessert she sent a dish called Sheer Sevai. I can’t even begin to describe the dish. Thick, creamy, loaded with dry fruits and roasted sevai, with hints of saffron without being overly sweet – the Sheer Sevai was a revelation. Reminiscent of the Sheer Khurma associated with Eid, every single one of us went ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ with pleasure upon eating this. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Nalli Nihari – Love at first bite!

baconbaba roghandaaz nalli nihari
Nalli Nihari – PC: Rohandaaz

As a surprise ‘tasting’ Aliya was kind enough to also send a bowl of Nihari. As I opened the box, I saw a layer of oil. But as i dipped my ladle in, the oil parted to reveal a lovely thick velvety stew, loaded with gorgeous mutton shank pieces. My first spoon and i got a fantastic smoky flavour with the slightest bit of throat hit – the sign of a perfect slow cooked broth. Rich with ghee, and the mutton bone marrow, this was a perfect accompaniment to the biryani.

Total cost for 2kgs Biryani, 60 kababs, and dessert ~5k. An absolutely spectacular meal.

Roghandaaz – #baconbaba is now a #jabrafan!

Roghandaaz is a delivery only restaurant operating out of Kondhwa, Pune. They deliver all over Pune. Order online from their Zomato page or call them at 098346 38402

Disclaimer: All the pics used here are from the Roghandaaz Facebook Page. The images are owned by Roghandaaz and/or by the respective photographers. Due credit provided. I was way too hungry to click!

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