I’m Lion – strictly non-veg

I’m lion – strictly Non-veg, Bavdhan
For the longest time I’ve been hearing this restaurant being named amongst the best seafood restaurants in Pune. Today this belief has been confirmed.

Pomphret Fry. The best pomphret fry I have ever had. This is all I can say. A fresh, fat pomphret, fried with a coating of rava (semolina) and mild spices, with fried garlic and chopped coriander sprinkled on top. A squeeze of lemon and i was in seafood heaven. It tasted better than it looks.

Pomphret Fry

Bangda fry. 2 medium sized bangda fish fried to perfection similar to the pomphret.

Bangda Fry

Prawns curry. Lovely coconut based curry, cooked in a Mangalorean style. Goes well with neer dosa or steamed rice (complimentary)


Mutton sukkha. Mildly spicy, tasted beautiful with the neer dosa

Mutton Sukkha
Mutton Sukkha

Madosa Fish curry. The curry was similar to the prawns curry. Turns out, I’m not a fan of the madosa fish, as it was slightly tough. The curry tastes top-notch, so choose the fish wisely.


Mutton Mangalorean curry. Another superb Mangalorean preparation, this time with tender chunks of mutton

And the neer dosa. We ate about 25 neer dosas! Soft, tender and perfect for soaking up the beautiful curry, this is an essential part of Mangalorean cuisine

Neer Dosa

Ended the meal with their signature mud pie. Warm gooey sinful goodness. Sealed our heavy tummies with chocolate brilliance.


The restaurant it self is small and cozy – the feel matches the warm service. The recipes are all by the owner, Ameya’s mom. Authentic Malabar flavors run through the dishes. Most of the dishes are Mangalorean, Goan and Gomantak.

Fantastic food. Top notch service. Bliss.

#baconbaba khush hua!


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Masemari, Bavdhan

Masemari, Bavdhan

– Sangeeta Majumdar

We landed at Masemari yesterday, an impromptu visit to this sea food specialty restaurant.

Jumping right into what we ordered :

-Prawns Koliwada : This was superb! Crisp batter coating, fresh medium sized prawns served with a garlic-coconut chutney. Yummy chutney that complimented the Koliwada so well, we kinda licked off the chutney too


-Surmai Rava Fry : This was simple Surmai coated with Rava and some masalas and crisp fried. This was also served with the same garlic coconut chutney as I mentioned above. The coating was pretty average, I did not find it very flavorful, in fact a little bland. Also, one turn off with the Surmai was that it wasn’t very fresh. Have had much better Surmai Rava fry in general.


Main course:
-Mangalorean Surmai curry: The curry was decent taste wise. However, I was expecting a typical Mangalorean flavour. This wasn’t that authentic flavour, but okaish. It had a distinct coconut flavor, with a bit of spice hit from red chilli. The disappointing part was the fish – it wasn’t as fresh as we expected, and that was quite a let down.


-Wanted to try neer dosa with the fish curry, but that wasn’t on the menu. Instead these guys serve amboli (a rice/multigrain pancake) which we thought of giving a try. Not a good decision as the 2 didn’t go very well together. The amboli had a nasty oily taste to it, that over-powered the delicate fish curry. Ended up ordering plain rice and this was obviously a much better option to go with the curry.

-Oh yes, and we made sure we ordered Sol kadi, that was a good one and went well with the food.


– Ended with a malai kulfi, decent taste wise, but rock solid due to being a bit too frozen

The above was a meal for 2, costed us about 2000 bucks. I do not feel it was worth it. When a restaurant is categorized as sea food speciality, I would expect them to be spot on with the basic fish dishes!

There is a lot of other options in the menu, maybe some others dishes are great. Would love to hear from anyone who visits this joint anytime

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