Arthur’s Theme, BHS – European Fine Dining

Arthur’s theme is a very well-known brand in Pune, with their KP branch setting the bar for European food in Pune. The relatively new branch at Balewadi High Street has maintained the same standards as its elder sibling, dishing out delicious food with their rather peculiar “European themed” names.


The new branch at BHS is beautifully done up with huge mirrors and high ceilings, giving a grand feeling to the interiors. A wood fired oven graces one of the corners, and Arthur’s Theme will soon be serving some wood fired pizzas from this outlet.

Wood Fired Oven

Arthur’s Theme BHS has recently launched a 4 – course meal. The 4 courses include Soup or Salad, a Starter, a Mains and of course, Dessert.

Priced at 799/- (+ taxes) its an excellent value proposition, considering the same dishes at Al-a-carte cost around 300+ each.

Here’s a sampling of what went around our table

Salad / Soup (course 1)

My pick of this course was the Hawaiian Salad.

Yep. You heard that right. #baconbaba liked a salad. A rare moment in the history of mankind.

A bright, refreshing chicken, bell peppers and pineapple salad with a mayo dressing. Julienne of  bell peppers added a beautiful crunch with the smoked chicken strips. The juicy strips of pineapple played pied piper leading us on a merry ride down this summery path. Sweet, salty, crunchy, delicious – everything a salad should be. #baconbaba’s favorite salad till date!

Hawaiian Salad

The Marquis de Sade – a traditional french onion soup was warm, light and flavorful. The cheese croquettes were a nice touch, though they did turn soggy once the soup cooled.

Marquis De Sade

Starters (course 2)

I opted for Alexia – marinated prawns wrapped in chicken in a spicy sauce. I personally believe that prawns are the 2nd best meat available out there (right after bacon / pork, duh!) so prawns wrapped in anything is usually an automatic win (case to point: the baconbaba recommended Bacon Wrapped Prawns at Effingut Baner). This one, however, was a slight miss for me. A good dish overall, but the prawns were completely overshadowed by the thick chicken layer and the spicy sauce.

Alexia – Prawns wrapped in chicken with a spicy sauce

The other starters that graced our table were:

Alfredo – a tempura batter coated Kalamari – perfectly crisp coating, a tad oily.

Alfredo – Fried Kalamari

Duncan – caramel coated chicken wings – delish!!!

Duncan – Chicken wings in caramel sauce

Luda – Cilantro infused fillets of basa – a tasty dish, but I wish they hadn’t used basa 😦

Luda – Cilantro infused fish fillets

Mains (course 3)

Here’s where the magic really started. The quantity of each dish was substantial – enough for a single person.

Charles The Bold: A paprika sauce concoction with grilled chicken and bell peppers, served with potato croquettes. Nicely balanced red sauce, perfectly cooked grilled chicken, tad low on seasoning. A really good chicken dish overall

Charles The Bold – Grilled chicken with Paprika Sauce
Charles The Bold – Grilled Chicken with Paprika Sauce

My friend ordered the Artois – Chicken Roulette with mushroom sauce. I found the sauce rather bland, though the chicken was well cooked.

Artois – Chicken Roulette with mushroom sauce
Artois – Chicken Roulette with mushroom sauce

The coup de grâce of the evening was struck by Lady Jennifer – Char grilled prawns in a lemon butter sauce with mashed potatoes. Words cannot describe how delicate and transcendent this dish was. Flawlessly cooked prawns in an exquisite silky lemon butter sauce. The mashed potato was creamy as ever, elevating the humble aloo to breathtaking levels.

Lady Jennifer – Prawns in a Lemon Butter Sauce with Mashed potato
Lady Jennifer – Prawns in lemon butter sauce with mashed potato

As we moved to the dessert, we were encountered the usual suspects. A blueberry cheese cake, a tiramisu and a chocolate mousse. All three were well constructed, nothing to write home about. In fact, the choco-lava cake was served with a mint Ice Cream, which, in my  humble opinion, did nothing to the dish. The mint was more like a coolada or a spearmint, than an actual flavor, just making the ice cream feel cooler.

We did experience some theatrics with the flambee chocolate raisin pancakes. The surprisingly thin crepe-like pancakes were coated with rum and flambeed, leading to some nice ‘oooh!‘ and ‘aaah!’ at the table.

Pancake – raisins, rum flambeed – notice the fire? Ooooh!

Overall, the 4 – course meal for 799/- is completely worth it. Compared to the price tag of the ala-carte dishes, it’s a steal. The 4 course meal is available Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner and weekends for lunch only.

#baconbaba, as always, khush hua! Oink Oink!!

I was invited for a bloggers table. The Usual Disclaimer applies. 


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Maadjaapaahit, The Pride Hotel, Pune – Relive Indonesian Royalty

Maadjaapaahit is a brand new establishment nestled inside the Pride Hotel on University Road, Pune. The name is derived from the Madjapahit Empire, which was one of the last major empires of the region, ruling from the late 13th century till the end of the 15th century  AD, and is considered to be one of the greatest and most powerful empires in the history of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


Decked up in red and gold, the decor and ambiance of the restaurant transports one to the world of rich, cultural & exotic lands of Indonesia.


Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant, diverse and colorful cuisines in the world comprising of intense flavor. Maadjaapahit boasts of a diverse menu, showcasing delicacies from the regions of  Indonesia, Brunei,  Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei  Singapore, Philippines and East Timor. #baconbaba was fortunate enough to be invited to an exclusive tasting.

We started off with a Singapore Laksa and a Tom Yum (spicy) soup. The Tom Yum gave me quite a spice hit, filled with bird chillies, but was jam packed with the flavor of lemongrass and a generous amount of chicken pieces. The Singapore Laksa was a rich, delicious coconut milk based sea-food soup, brimming with prawns, fish cakes, egg and chicken.

Tom Yum
Singapore Laksa

For the next course, we got a couple of vegetarian appetizers. Lumpia – a Filipino style fried spring roll – excellent, crisp outer crust, served with a sesame tomato sauce.  Tahu Sumbat – Malaysian grilled tofu stuffed with vegetables with a chilli sauce – tofu lovers will really dig this dish. But then, tofu… meh. We also tried the Potstickers – East Timor style pan seared dumplings (vegetarian). While I couldn’t really figure out the “seared” part, the coating of the dumpling was one of the thinnest I’ve seen in Pune, leading to the veggies really shining.

Tahu Sumbat
The dips – Peanut, Sweet Chilly, Tomato Basil

Among the non-veg starters, the Fried Carrot Cake really stands out. The name is misleading – its actually a Singaporean recipe made with a fresh and preserved radish based flour cake with eggs – excellent texture, surprising to the palate.

Fried Carrot Cake

The Murtabak – a Malaysian chicken stuffed pancake has been a favorite of mine. This version was no less than any other served in the city. Delicious to the core!


We were also served the Sate Kambing, an Indonesian lamb satay with a peanut sauce. While the sauce was yummy, the lamb was tough.

Sate Kambing

We were getting pretty full already, and so moved on to the mains. And man, we were in for a pleasurable surprise! Here came the Chilli Crab – a hard shell crab cooked in a semi thick Singaporean style. It was a tomato-basil based sauce, but had a definite spice hit to it. This will be a hit with the spice-loving Puneris!

Chilli Crab

We also tried the Malay Chicken Curry – a coconut based chicken curry. Rich, delicious with chopped red chillies and fresh bay leaves, this was served with steamed rice.

Malay Chicken Curry

By now we were full to our gills, but this one vegetarian dish caught out eye. So we asked for a small portion of the Pumpkin RiceThis is a recipe from Papua New Guinea (an island off the coast of New Zealand). Rice tossed with pumpkin, green peas, coconut milk and spring onion, this was one of the best ‘fried rice’ dishes I have ever had! The sweetness of the pumpkin and coconut milk blended so beautifully with the rice, it took my chilli crab sauce to the next level! Absolute delicious, #MustTry !

Pumpkin Rice

 As we were ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘aaah-ing’ from the spice hit of the chili crab on our lips, the chef sent out a sampling of his 3 best desserts.

Getuk Lindri – Sweet potato and coconut rolls drizzled with honey – this is what sugar free dreams are made of! Tasting surprisingly similar to our local ‘copra paak’, this sugar free dessert is a must try here! Dadar Gulung is another Indonesian dessert we tried – beautiful green colored rice pancake rolls stuffed with coconut and sugar – yummy to the core! Apam Balik is a Malaysian rice flour pancake with creamed corn stuffing. I am not such a fan of corn, so I would give this one a pass.

From L to R – Getuk Lendri, Dadar Gulung, Apam Balik

Overall, the entire experience was absolutely phenomenal. I can only think of a couple of other restaurants in Pune serving such an exotic variety of South East Asian cuisine. With a surprisingly competitively priced menu, Maadjaapaahit is a fantastic entrant into the Pune food scene!

#baconbaba khush hua!

Ps: #baconbaba would like to thank the management of Maadjaapaahit for inviting my family and me for this food tasting. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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