Cafe Mestizo, Viman Nagar – Butter Chicken Pizza!!!

Chef Deepu and The Three Wise Monks of the Cafe Mestizo and The Bombay Diaries fame recently launched the Viman Nagar branch of Cafe Mestizo. #TheBTeam was invited to take a dekko at the newest installment of this lovely eatery.


Nestled away in one of the bylanes of Viman Nagar, Cafe Mestizo gives you an instant feeling of coziness, even from across the road in this crazy hot weather. Canopied by lush green trees, the white and green awning give it a feel of an Italian cafe on the streets of Rome. It is hard to believe that this quaint looking cafe is just a hop skip and jump away from the bustling Nagar road.


The interiors follow a similar scheme of white and green – as one of the tiles adorning the walls suggests, it actually inspires you to “Eat Drink and Be Cozy”!

We had to start off with the famous Butter Chicken Pizza. Beautifully cooked, mildly spicy butter chicken on a hand-rolled thin crisp pizza base, covered with a layer of cheese. This is truly what dreams are made of.


Butter Chicken Pizza

We also tried the Kheema Overdose Pizza, another hand-rolled thin crust pizza, with a spicy chicken kheema masala. I found the kheema slightly over-seasoned, and a tad heavy on spice.


Kheema Overdose Pizza

To beat the spiciness of the Kheema, we ordered a couple of their ‘summer special’ lassis. I particularly loved the Mint Lassi. Mint complimented the natural flavor of lassi beautifully without being overbearing. It also had a touch of kewra (which I mistook for khus) – perfectly to cool your senses.

The Caramel Lassi was another innovative drink – the mild flavor of Caramel blended beautifully with the sweet lassi. Mango Lassi remains a popular favorite, and the one at CM was on point.

From L-R: Caramel, Mango, Mint

As we were wrapping up the drinks, the heady fragrance of the famous Shahi Lucknowi Biryani wafted in through the restaurant. This biryani is right up there with the best in town. Considering that it is prepared in a central kitchen, the flavors were identical to the one served at the Balewadi branch. Layered rice, chicken, mild masala, topped with fried onions and served along with raita, salan and chutney, this is a winner.


And you can’t leave Cafe Mestizo without trying out their mind-blowing freak shakes (or as the Chef prefers to call it – MMS : Mestizo Messy Shakes!)

The Nutty Mocha is perfect for the coffee junkie – loaded with cream, chocolate, coffee and hazelnut, this one sure is decadent!

The Nutty Mocha

And we ended the meal with The Popcorn Shake! A @cafemestizopune special, with caramel popcorn and caramel shake, this just gave me a yummy caramel ki dakaar! It was super fun picking off the caramel popcorn from the sides. Dont be fooled by its size – it’ll get over before you know it, thanks to the ultra light whipped cream crowning this glorious MMS!

Caramel Popcorn Shake

Overall, a super cozy feel good place – drop in for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick in-between snack, Cafe Mestizo is a super place to be.

PS: I was invited as part of blogger table. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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The Blue Plate full of awesomeness!

Pune’s favorite Custard Specialty Restaurant, Cafe de Custard recently launched their new bistro – The Blue Plate, opposite Croma, Aundh.


The place is nicely done up, well lit, neat and has a cozy feel to it overall. The menu is a nice mix of salads, bagguttes, flatbreads and pasta, along with the signature CDC custards.


We ordered ice teas and chicken Caesar salad to start with. The salad was absolutely delicious. Yummy creamy dressing, fresh vegetables, fried croutons and chunky chicken pieces. Loved it. Even Mr Baconbaba (who doesn’t usually get close to a salad) gobbled it up.


In our next visited we also tried a couple of other salads. Particularly loved the Waldorf salad – a fresh bunch of apples, celery, grapes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capsicum and mayo.


Next we ordered a chicken mayo baguette and a bacon flatbread. The baguette was super fresh and soft with a delicious light chicken filling.


The Bacon flatbread was being dished out from the kitchen for the very first time since this place opened a week back. And oh my my.. this is a cracker dish for all you bacon lovers out there. Crisp flatbread topped with generous amount of bacon strips with a naturally sweet taste oozing out of them. Yum yum yummy:) Our 2 year old relished this so much (long with her dad of course!).


On our first visit, we did find it a bit on the sweeter side, since there was nothing to balance the inherent sweetness of the pork. On our 2nd visit, Pratik had changed the recipe to add a bit of chilli flakes. And now when you bite in, you feel the soft gooey cheese, the sweet and salty bacon, and the crisp base, with the chilli flakes lending it the final hit at the back of the throat. Well balanced is an understatement.


For you chicken eaters, the Piri-Piri chicken is an amazing option. The piri-piri sauce has a fantastic sweet n spicy bite to it, owing to the chillis and onions which make up the sauce.


We ended up ordering a pink sauce chicken pasta as well. Super delicious sauce which was a mix of red and white sauce. Enjoyed it till the last spoon.


We also tried the Spaghetti Aglio Olio, a simple pasta dish tossed in olive oil, garlic and fresh veggies.

IMG_20170426_215832 Last but the not least, that one dessert we had to order. Yes, the CDC mango devil!
One wasn’t enough, so a second one had to be ordered. Rich creamy yummy custard topped with a layer of whipped cream and loads of chunky mango pieces. How can anyone not love this


Portions of the dishes are decent here and overall it is a pocket friendly place.

The flatbreads and the mango devil ensure multiple revisits!

PS: This experience is based on two visits here – one invite and one self sponsored. As always, The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Maharashtrian Food Festival – Orchid Hotel, Balewadi

Last week I was invited to take a sneak peek at the Maharashtrian Food Festival at Orchid Hotel, Balewadi. Marking the festive season of Akshay Tritiya and Maharashtra Day, this seemed like a perfect time to organise a festival celebrating the various cuisines of this region.
Right from the main gate, you are welcomed in style with “tutari” playing in your honor, and a tilak on your forehead. The live music and dance, decor and a full on MH experience readies you for the food.
We started off Paya Soup. Now Paya Soup isn’t exactly MH cuisine, but it was tasty and I was hungry, so no complains! Welcome drinks also included aam panna and kokum sarbat – both chilled and refreshing.
Among the starters, the Prawns and Chicken Koliwada were absolutely delicious, with crisp outer coating, and spot on flavor profiles. The Mutton “unde” (balls) and patwadi / kothimbir wadi were pretty dry, and seemed overcooked. There was also a vada pav counter, but I gave it pass.
And then the real fun started, as we moved to the main course counter. They offer 5 non-vegetarian dishes as part of this buffet!
Malvani Fish Curry – Excellent curry, but use of Basa is an absolute crime.
Kolambi Masala – Not the best prawns curry. The cocnut flavor was muted and prawns overcooked.
Gavran Chicken Curry – Beautiful, medium spicy, dark gravy, heavy with ginger-garlic. Sadly the chicken was overcooked and quite tough.
Anda curry – another spicy dark curry. The flavor of ground roasted spices shone through. I did find it a tad oily, but the gravy went beautifully with the rice
Nagpuri Mutton Masala – Just a whiff of this gorgeous dark masala, and I could identify the characteristic strong ‘saoji’ flavors. Super soft mutton pieces, along with the dark nagpuri masala, and this ended up being my ‘paisa-vasool’ dish of the entire buffet spread!
The Veg section also had quite a bit on offer, including Biradi Chi Usal, Shev chi bhaji, Batatachi sukhi bhaji, amti, and a first time for me – Gola Bhat – that tasted quite nice with the accompanying red chilly-tadka- oil
Desserts: The puran-poli was more gud, with hardly any of the trademark elaichi or jaifal. The aamras, while being pure pulp, could have used a bit of sweetness, as it was a bit tooo sour for my taste. They had a couple of innovative desserts, but my pick were the rasmalai mousse and the kalakand cheese cake – a twist on authentic sweet dishes.
All in all, for 999++ its a good deal, specially for non-vegetarians. They are dealing with a new management, and service was definitely an issue. And with the volume of dishes, some of them are hit and miss. However, the flavors of the mutton curry and the non-veg gravies more than make up for the shortcomings, and I did end up a happy camper.
The festival is on till the 7th of the month, so make this coming weekend count!
PS: I was invited for a tasting event as a prelude to the actual festival. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

It’s raining festivals in Pune!

A quick list of the ongoing food festivals in Pune at the moment!


With the summer vacations starting off, it’s literally raining food festivals in Pune! From Maharashtrian to Bengali to Thai, there are multiple options to choose from. Chefs have prepared specially curated menus for their patrons, and you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

Here’s a run down on how you can make this weekend realy count!

The B Team

With the summer vacations starting off, it’s literally raining food festivals in Pune! From Maharashtrian to Bengali to Thai, there are multiple options to choose from. Chefs have prepared specially curated menus for their patrons, and you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

Here’s a run down on how you can make this weekend realy count!

  1. ‘Peth Pujo’ at Hyatt Regency – Kolkata Food Festival


I would not call ‘Peth Pujo’- The Bengali Way – the ongoing food festival at The Café at Hyatt Regency Pune, a Bengali Food Festival. Here is why?

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Asanjo – Global Cuisine, Redefined!

A work of art – a poem, a painting, a song or a special recipe – is a medium for the artist to tell his story. Chef and consultant K. M. Saif unravels the story of his journey across South America, Europe and South East Asia through his dishes at Asanjo, Aundh.

This recently inaugurated restaurant at Aundh, opposite reliance/next to Mc Donalds is a cozy little place with brightly painted walls and a comfortable decor. #TheBTeam was invited to try out their creations, and man, were we in for a ride!

We started off with the Sweet, sour and spicy punch , a bright green mocktail with coriander, pineapple, jalapeno and chillis, in a glass lined with a red chilli/salt masala. The flavor of the coriander and lemon shone through making this the perfect start to cool off a hot day.

Asanjo Sweet sour and spicy punch
Sweet sour and spicy punch

The Harissa Minced Chicken Skewers had a soft bite of chili and garlic. Unlike most skewer dishes, this was moist and flavorful. The harissa mayo dip served along side took it to the next level.

Asanjo Harissa minced chicken skewers
Harissa minced chicken skewers

Korean Chicken Nachos – Beetroot flavored nachos with Gochujang spiced chicken and gochujang spiced cheese. The grilled chicken was sweet ‘n spicy, with a mild salsa dip. While the topping was delicious and cheesy, the nacho chip itself was rather meh. Tasted more like one of those masala pooris you would find in a Gujarati home. Next time, choose one of the other nacho base options and you are golden.

Asanjo Korean Chicken Nachos
Korean Chicken Nachos

Papas a la Saif: This is Chef Saif’s take on the Peruvian dish Papa a la Huancaína. Fried potato discs slathered with a mildly spiced yellow cheese sauce, topped with boiled eggs. The crisp fried potato discs along with the cheese sauce are absolutely divine. We noticed that by the time we were done taking photographs, the potato discs went a bit soggy. The first bite was relatively crispy, so this is definitely one dish you want to finish off quickly!

Papas a la Saif
Papas a la Saif

Joojeh kabab: This Persian dish flaunts an exotic combination of flavors of saffron and orange zest, served with the Persian version of our raita – “mast o khair”. Interesting flavor combination, the chicken could have used a few extra minutes on the grill. The saffron and citrus flavors really shone through this rather mild kabab.

Joojeh Kabab
Joojeh Kabab

Sambal Baby Potatoes: An Indonesian dish, baby potatoes tossed in onion, garlic and the spicy sambal sauce are absolute pleasure to eat! The crisp potato skin with the mild hit of the sambal chilies, the bite of the bell peppers and the flavor of garlic – this was one of my favorite vegetarian dishes on their menu.

Sambal Baby Potatoes
Sambal Baby Potatoes

Bandeja Paisa: Paisa refers to a person from the Paisa Region of Columbia and Bandeja is Spanish for platter. This is a typical meal popular in Columbian cuisine, characterized by a variety of meat, rice and beans.

Asanjo serves their own version of the platter in the form of a gorgeous sizzler with grilled chicken breast, chicken sausages, plantain, shredded chicken, beans and rice, with a fried egg sitting pretty on top. The brown sauce, prepared from chicken stock, is luxurious, with the flavors of the meat and pepper enhancing every bite you take. An amazingly balanced dish overall, this is a must have when at Asanjo.

Bandeja Paisa
Bandeja Paisa

Chicken Mansaf: A dish originating from Jordan, Chicken Mansaf is one of the most delicate dishes I have had in recent times. The Chef really pushes the envelope in terms of flavor with the Chicken Mansaf, with a chicken and yogurt stew, characterized by the gentle flavors of saffron, parsley and cinnamon. The rice is topped with roasted+fried almonds, which give it a remarkable flavor and texture. While this dish isn’t for the spice chasers, the flavor profile will keep you going back for more.

Chicken Mansaf
Chicken Mansaf

Gallo pinto is a traditional dish of Costa Rica and Nicaragua made with rice and black beans. This vegetarian version is served with a grilled cottage cheese steak, a delicious mango salsa, red pepper sauce and dill sauce. The combination of the spicy red pepper sauce, sweet mango salsa and the dill yogurt is unparalleled.

The best way to eat this is take a bit of all ingredients on your spoon. You first taste the sweetness of the mangoes, followed by the sourness of the salad dressing. The spice of the red cheese sauce slowly nudges through the beans and the rice. The last flavor to linger on your palate is of the freshness of the dill yogurt, as you sit back and appreciate the complexity of the dish.

Gallo Pinto
Gallo Pinto

They also offer a range of desserts, including a couple of ridiculously large freak shakes! We tried the Red Velvet Shake (milk , vanilla ice cream, whipped cream chocolate sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream,  whipped cream, red velvet cake , garnished with chocilate ganache, hershy’s kisses & m.n.m ‘s) and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Milk shake (a peanut explosion, if I may say so ) topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, peanut brittle, pretzel with m.n.m’s , chocolate swirl, garnished with chocolate ganache, peanut butter, m.n.m.’s & peanut butter cups

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Milk Shake
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Milk Shake
Red Velvet Shake
Red Velvet Shake

Chef Saif outdoes himself in curating the experience at Asanjo. Each sauce has been created with a lot of thought and the complexity behind the flavor profiles of each sauce is truly something to marvel at. Each plate is a piece of art, leaving you soul satisfied.

My experience was part of a tasting event. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Traditional Thai Festival at The Grand Sheraton

Feast. That’s exactly what you get when you step into Feast, the buffet restaurant in any Grand Sheraton across the world. And Grand Sheraton hotel Pune stands proudly with its international brethren as it boasts a huge spread of delicacies as part of its buffet, ranging from Indian to Continental, shawrma to Paella, grills and desserts, middle easter hummus and North Indian Dahi bhalla. The choice is, indeed, mind boggling

To make things even more special, they have invited Masterchef Ms Tivaporn Metta along with her team from Thailand to give us a taste of traditional thai cuisine.


We started off with Tom Kha Haed Rum, a coconut milk based mushroom soup with lemongrass, kefir lime and galangal. The broth was beautifully balanced with the coconut milk flavor, with  generous amount of mushrooms. There were whole bits of lemongrass stalk, which added a lot of flavor, but was a little annoying in terms of texture.


As we moved on to salads, we were greeted with Yum Woon Sen, a spicy glass noodles based salad. This was quite heavy on chopped peanuts and  lime, but, I personally love that aspect of thai food, so all good. This is one salad I would relish any time! We were also served a scallops based salad called Pah Hoy Shell. The scallops were well cooked, but over all it lacked any defining flavor, amd was rather bland.


Were then served a karee puff kai – an exotic  version of the popular bread roll. The stuffing had a distinct flavor of haldi, and almost tasted indian. Crunchy,  tasted brilliant with the accompanying sauces.

Main course started off with the dish I was hoping for… The Thai Red Curry! Served with roasted duck, I pretty much wiped off the whole bowl. Just the right balance of sweet and spicy, embellished with grapes, pineapple, red chilli and basil with perfectly cooked duck, this was one of the best variants of Thai  Red curry i have had. Oh, and they choose to call it Geang Phed Ped Yang


We were also served a wok fried lamb in a spicy basil sauce. While the sauce was delicious, the lamb could have been cooked a little longer before being tossed into the wok to get it a bit more soft. Surprisingly, despite the meat being chewy, we were still going back for bites of this.


For the vegetarians, there was a sweet and sour tofu with pineapple amd shitake mushroom sauce on offer. As the name suggests, this dish was on the sweeter side with no spice to balance it out. I stuck to the duck.


For desserts, we were served two coconut milk based dishes. One was Tub Tim Krob – water chestnut dumplings in coconut milk and crushed ice. It tasted watered down, probably due to the ice melting. The Guay Buad Chee – a warm banana+coconut milk dessert was very comforting.


If that spread wasn’t enough, we had the option to go back to the main menu amd gorge on the insane variety of desserts on offer… And man, did we! What you see below is just a glimpse of the hogfest that ensued!


I went back  to the chinese section of the main buffet while. My friends chose to attack the rogan josh and rajma chawal!


All in all, for 1375++, this is an excellent spread to pamper yourself silly for that special day, or just for a hogfest!

The thai festival is on till the 29th of April. Sawasdee krab

Ps: I was invited as part of a bloggers preview. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

The Object(-ivity) of my affections!

A couple of days back I was having a discussion with a couple of my friends about how objective can a ‘food review’ can really be. Their point was that as a food reviewer/blogger you must be completely objective, keeping aside all bias and personal views.

I tend to disagree with this viewpoint. When we talk about reviews, we do see opinions all over the place these days. Tech reviews on YouTube are a rage these days, and it is possible to be objective about tech. You can quantify tech gadgets into specs, and put a valid “score” on performance, speed and user-experience. The same goes for most objects – shoes, clothes, travel destinations, hotels etc.

Food, unlike other subjects, is extremely personal.

I, for example, LOVE spicy food, and would rate the ghost chilli chicken or the spicy pork ribs at Flying Duck or the super hot misal served at Newale misal very highly. But Monalisa, aka Bellydriven  may not be able to tolerate that level of spice would definitely stay away from either of those. I like sweet craft beers, and really liked the last batch of Hefty Braggot at Effingut , but Arvind Soju was completely disappointed, since he prefers the bitter stout.

As a result. we may have had a similar experience and be “objective” about things like ambiance, service or price point but our respective reviews of the exact same place, at the exact same visit, with the exact same level of service may end up being diametrically opposite – purely because of the way our respective taste-buds reacted to the food!

Does that mean that either of our reviews was inaccurate? Not really. Our experience, particularly with respect to food is a result of our personal tastes. And that is exactly what the review should reflect.

In the words of PEO CEO Aniruddha Patil, we don’t write reviews. We merely share experiences.

What have been your recent experiences that have changed your flavor preferences?

Peth Pujo, The Bengali Way | Hyatt Regency

After the disastrous tasting at a bong joint on Sunday, I was craving for some authentic delicious bong food. Thank my lucky stars, along came an invite for the “Peth Pujo” Kolkata food festival at Hyatt Regency.


I had noticed the buzz around this festival on social media, with the highlight being Chef extraordinaire – Anirban Dasgupta from Kolkata. I was pretty sure of the flavor-gasm in store for me!


As we entered The Cafe at Hyatt Regency, we were greeted by Kolkata style Puchka, Jhalmuri , Chicken Roll and Chowmein stalls!

JhalMuri | Photo Credits: Maanas Shah

Gorging down some delicious puchkas and tangy, sorse tel flavored jhalmuri, we turned towards the bong food on offer. And the bong inside me went into top gear!

Bhajas and Achaar

A typical bengali meal starts bitter and ends sweet. And lo-behold! There was the Karela Bhaja (fried karela), sitting pretty among the Alu, Potol and Begun Bhaja!

Karela Bhaja

Also on offer was a variety of chutney that had me salivating – right from your Tomato + Khejur Chatney and Plastic chutney to the sweet n sour (tok jhal misti) Ananas chutney, Kuler achaar and Kacha Amer chutney. One entire course was just me licking the plate spread with chutney!

Chutneys | From right to left: Tomato, Plastic, Kacha Aam, Kul, Misti aam

The Alu Dom + Luchi was spot on (though I prefer the luchi to be a tad softer – they may want to tune their “moy” (maida) ratio). The Chanar Dalna (paneer) was creamy, with fried slabs of soft paneer.

The Paanch Misali torkari (mixed vegetable with 5 vegetable) had the distinct flavor associated with a chorchori. I was missing a sukto, but Chef mentioned that it should be on the menu in the coming days. Musur Dal, Kodai Suti Polao (peas pulao) and Ghee Bhaat (rice) gave company to the vegetarian dishes.

As I moved on to the non-veg section, my heart skipped a beat seeing the Malai Chingri. Chingri (prawns) is my 2nd favorite meat (after, of course, bacon!) and malai chingri is a fantastic bong preparation, that ranks right up there with the best. I did find the flavor lacking the typical coconut base though.

L: Chicken Chaap; R: Malai Chingri | Photo Credits: Monalisa Mehrotra

The Chicken Chaap was fantastic – one of the best variants of this Kolkata-Nawaabi preparations I have had in recent times.

And of course, you cant have a bong meal without maach 🙂 Doi Maach did supreme justice to the fresh rui (rohu) maach. It was a tad spicy for a doi maach, but was delicious nonetheless.

Doi Maach

They are expecting to bring in Hilsa in the next couple of days, so all you Ilish premis out there, might want to peek in after a couple of days!

With a full tummy and a content heart, I looked at the dessert section, and of course, the Rosogulla caught my eye.


With 3 of those sweet sweet globules tucked away in the dessert section of my stomach, I picked up a kullad of Misti Doi, and settled down for a good 15 minutes, wiping the kullad clean. Fresh, sweet, cooling, with a hint of sourness – perfect end to an amazing meal. I also tasted the Nolen Gurer ice cream (palm jaggery ice cream) – found it a bit too frozen by my liking. I’ve had better.

Misti Doi

They also have Continental and South East Asian dishes as part of this buffet to please the non-bong/expat crowds. I didn’t try them, but they smelled good. The veg and non-veg items will change over the course of the next 2 weeks – expect kosha mangsho and ilish to also come into circulation! 3 veg mains, 3 non-veg mains is what you should see, along with the accompaniments (this could change, so please call them before going to avoid disappointment).

The buffet costs 1050++ for lunch and 1299++ for non-veg and is on till 30-April

I was invited for this tasting event. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

Some pics to round this off:

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Krimsons, Wanowrie

There aren’t too many things that would convince me to drive from Balewadi to Wanowrie. An invite from Krimson’s, Wanowrie with a promise of an authentic Bengali meal was powerful enough to impact my inertia of rest.
Krimsons is a small little restaurant right between Hite bar and the Fat and Sexy Chef in Wanowrie serving primarily bengali food and rolls, with a scattering of other dishes.

1. Paneer ke Sule
Paneer ke Sule
We started off with the Paneer ke Sule. Bland. Tandoor-ed pieces of paneer sans marination = “Meh”

2. Soya Chaap
Soya Chaap
The Soya Chaap looked like an interesting take on the very popular sorshe bata, but again turned out as tasteless as the soya itself. Gordon Ramsey once made one of his chef-testants on Hell’s Kitchen drink oil asking what it tastes like. Nothing. Oil adds very little flavor. Tell that to the chef here please. Swimming in oil does not equal delicious.

3. Kosha Mangsho
Kosha Mangsho
Any bong restaurant worth its salt should make a half decent Kosha Mangsho. Fortunately, my tastebuds got a respite, with a flavorful dark brown gravy. I wish the mutton had been cooked a bit longer for that depth of flavor and the ‘fall of the bone’ texture.

4. Afghan Tangdi 
Afghan Tangdi
The Afghan Tangdi looked absolutely beautiful. Sadly, all I got was raw masalas coated on a perfectly cooked chicken leg.

5. Mutton Roll
Mutton Roll
The meal ended with the Mutton Roll – the mutton being so salty – seems like the chef took all the salt from the previous dishes and poured it here.

This wasn’t worth the drive here. Not even slightly. Hopefully what I have lined up today should make up for it. We shall see.

I was invited for the tasting event. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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7 ways to satisfy your sweet tooth at Indigo Deli

Indigo Deli is known for dishing out some top notch desserts over time. #TheBTeambabies (that’s the kids of theBteam!) got a taste of the sweet treats at this beautiful restaurant.

Here the top 7 dessert picks to satisfy that sweet tooth!

  1. The Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

Baked Blueberry Cheesecake

A dessert countdown has to start of with a blueberry cheesecake. Smooth cake, crumbly base, with a beautiful splash of deep red blueberries. Absolutely delicious for the kids and adults alike!

2. Banana Caramel Pie

Banana Caramel Pie

While I am not personally much of a banana dessert fan, this one really took my fancy. The banana and caramel combined beautifully to make a sweet pairing. The caramel wasn’t too bitter, leading to a great combination of flavors. The chocolate cake base just took it to a different level.

3. Chocolate Layered Almond Cake

Chocolate Layered Almond Cake


Chocolate Layered Almond Cake

Almond cake, light chocolate cake, dark chocolate cake, topped with almond praline, drizzled with butterscotch sauce. As you take a bite, the multiple layers lend their own distinct flavors and textures. A beautifully constructed dessert, the flavors surpass its irresistible beauty.

4. Apple Pie

Apple Pie


Apple Pie

Indigo Deli serves a no nonsense Apple Pie. The allure of this simple dessert lies in the generous amount of juicy apple stuffed inside along with the distinct flavor of cinnamon and nuts.

5. The Whiskey Pate

The Whiskey Pate

A strong hit of whisky smacks you in the face as you take the first bite, then gently floats down your throat, as you begin to appreciate the potency of this drink, ummm, I mean, dessert. Sorry kids, this one is strictly 18+ only

6. Drunken Waffles

Drunken Waffles

Don’t be fooled by the colorful nature of this frozen treat. It packs quite a punch owing to the Rum Anglaise. Waffles, rum ‘n raisin, chocolate ice cream, crunchy granola, jelly and fresh cream will ensure you are a happy camper. Another #AdultsOnly dessert

7. Kinki Suzette

Kinki Suzzette

A sundae made with French toast doused in dulche de leche, caramelized orange, and vanilla ice creams, hot fudge, fresh cream, spiced pecans and bitter orange marmalade. I personally loved it! The French toast soaks up the ice cream, fudge and orange flavors so beautifully, its a breakfast dessert (yep, tell yourself that 😀 )!

Notable mention: The Homemade Ice-Creams 

Home made ice creams

Crisp clean flavors, melt in your mouth ice creams. We tried the Blueberry & Mint, Belgian chocolate truffle , Rocky Road and Strawberry Cheese Cake. All delicious. Ask for the flavor of the day. Image courtesy bellydriven

This Compilation is entirely based on personal tastes and preferences. Also, there is no ranking per se; merely a compilation of the best, based on my visit here. 

PS: I was invited with my daughter, Pihu, for a special ‘Bloggers + Kids: dessert tasting event’ by Indigo and Carpe Diem. The Usual Disclaimer applies.


Murphies – Spud Delights!


Murphies, Koregaon Park, attempts to take the humble aloo to the higher echelons of gastronomy. #TheBTeam got to whet their ap’patatos last night, marveling at some ingenious dishes, all starring the unpretentious batata.


Murphies Potato Crisps

The Murphies potato crisps with saffron dip takes the peel of the potato to a whole new level. Crisp skins of potato, with herbs and spices, this could be a brilliant ‘bitings’ with drinks. They do serve an amazing version of this with barbecue pork (coming up below)

Chicken Strips

Chicken strips with honey chilli: Can’t really go wrong with fried chicken! The chicken strips were crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, served with the sweet ‘n spicy honey chilly dip tasted simply smashing.

Coconut Prawns

Coconut Prawns:Whole prawns deep-fried in a grated coconut batter. The overall flavor was just too sweet, and overpowered the prawns. Felt like a coconut ‘peda‘ wrapped around a prawn. Prawn jaye par sugar na jaye? Meh.

Bacon Wrapped Prawns

Bacon Wrapped Prawns definitely ranks in my all-time top 10 dishes. However, this version definitely lacked execution. I would have loved the bacon to be a bit more crisp, and the prawns to be a little less cooked. A fine balancing act this dish is. The tangy mustard sauce also played truant to the beautiful bacon-prawns flavor. This one missed the mark, much to #baconbaba’s utter disappointment.

Barbeque Pork Crisps

Barbeque Pork Crisps: A dish that had me drooling like the pig! Beautiful slivers of barbeque pork, with sweet sticky sauce, over crisp salty potato crisps, served with a tart yogurt dip. Sweet, sour, salty, crispy, gooey… Flavor and texture heaven. Perfect balance. Spectacular dish.

Bacon Mushroom Murph

The Murph: Also known as Jacket Potatoes, these are huge taters with their inside scooped out, filled with delicious stuff, oozing with goodness, with a crisp skin base. Caution – each murph is super sized and has the potential to stuff you up like no ones business!

Bacon Mushroom Murph

I opted for the Bacon Mushroom Murph (duh!). Stuffed with bacon, mushroom, pork belly bits, olives , coated with cheese, this was a delicious monstrosity. As I mentioned earlier, it is difficult to get through even one of these, and is more than enough to serve as a single meal.

I also did try the other murphs that landed on our table, and really liked the Steak ‘n Gravy (pork). For the vegetarians, the Mexican Veg is good option. The Chicken Tikka Murph (indian tikka flavor) and the Prawns Basil Murph (basil overpowered the prawns) didn’t go down well with me, personally. I’ll stick to the pork!

There was one item on the menu that had attracted me from the get-go, so, I grudgingly let go of half a murph, and gave into temptation. And lo and behold, I dug into the Honey Glazed Pork Belly.

Honey Glazed Pork Belly

Pork belly is where most bacon is prepared from. And it remains the fattiest juiciest cut of meat. When done well, it becomes this yummy sweet n salty bit of heaven. And this, was just what the doctor ordered. Soft buttery pork belly, sweet and peppery honey glazed sauce, and a bacon mashed potato side. Can it get more heavenly? The crushed black pepper in the sauce gave it a bite that took this heavenly dish to levels of stardom (yes, I’m gushing, that’s how much I loved it!)

Honey Glazed Pork Belly

The others ordered a buff steak and cajun chicken. Both good preparations for people preferring those meats. But of course, I was happily tucking into my belly 🙂 🙂

Murphies serves some pretty kickass cocktails and beer. I was freaking out on one called the ‘Smokin Smoky’  – a concoction with old monk apple cinnamon. Super chilled out atmosphere, quick service, and wholesome food make this tater-tot a whole spud-loving place. And did I say the Chef really knows how to cook pork? All you pork lovers out there, you will LOVE this place!

Give it a shot! And if you do, do NOT Miss the Pork Belly!

I was invited for the tasting event. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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Eat Kinki!

Kinki – The name speaks for itself. Sexy, off-beat, quirky, cutting-edge food is what Kinki Modern Asian Kitchen and Molecular Bar, Balewadi High Street, Pune offers. #Baconbaba was invited along with #TheBTeam to experience the magic.


The décor is minimalistic, with origami birds hanging from the ceiling alongside giant Chinese paper lanterns. The Alfresco dining section continues the same theme. Oh, and on a serious note, the name, apparently, alludes to a region in Japan. No love lost for its recall value, eh? 😉

Kinki boasts of a specially designed molecular bar dishing out some insane cocktails.


My personal favorite? The Madam Luxe – a peach flavored drink served with flavored air (yes, flavored air!) The air is imbibed with peach flavor and infused into the drink.


Tokyo Midtown: A vodka based citric drink served in a pot with dry ice all around it. Very cool to look at!


The Smoked Primm’s Cup was another beautiful drink in a ginger ale base, with smoke infused from wood chips. Yes there was drama!


Out of the dimsums that hit the table, I LOVED the Prawns Har Gao.

Prawns Har Gao

The Edamame and Truffle oil dimsum (Edamame is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod – yes yes, I googled ‘What is Edamame’ :-/ ). This truly wowed us with the distinct flavor of the edamame pods and truffle oil, and the exquisite craftsmanship on the dimsum itself

Edamame and Truffle Oil Dimsums

Kinki also offers a wide range of sushi. Each dish was well constructed. I, personally, am not a fan of sushi, so would refrain from commenting on this.

Prawns Tempura Sushi


Now comes my absolute favorite – Pork Bao! The Pork Bao at Kinki are an epitome of the adage to ‘respect the protein’. Perfectly cooked pork belly shines through these steamed buns, with leek , red onions and a dash of sriracha sauce for company. Baconbaba LOVED this!

Pork Bao

Of the starters, the Stuffed Tofu was the surprise element. I am not a fan of Tofu, but the crisp fried stuffed tofu pockets coated with the sweet sticky sauce were a pleasure to eat. The Vietnamese Garlic Beef was, unfortunately, overcooked and chewy. The Chicken Skewers were perfectly cooked with a flavor profile of basil and lemongrass running through.

Next came a dish we were eagerly looking forward to – The Vietnamese Pho. A beautiful, aromatic chicken broth with noodles, veggies and mushrooms, the dish was warm and comforting, slightly under-seasoned.


We also tried The Keng Phaet Koong, a prawns thai red curry, was thick and full of coconut and lemongrass flavor, paired well with the sticky Jasmine Rice, and The Basil Chicken that had a lovely spicy oyster sauce base – a good dish overall, but could have used a little lesser salt.

Keng Phaet Koong – Prawns Red Curry


Basil Chicken

I personally love asian food, and  I know I am going back for the pork baos, the dimsums and the thai red curry. Good stuff, with amazing cocktails, its an experience, not to be missed.

I was invited for this tasting event. The Usual Disclaimer applies.

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