The Best Chicken Frankie: Goodies, Baroda

Goodies has been a known name in baroda for over 20 years as one of the best Bakers in baroda. Birthday cakes and bread has always been their forte.

However,  Goodies’ cafes have been one of the best day food outlets in the city.

This review is dedicated to the chicken Frankie. The Best Chicken Frankie.

This has a nice soft thick roti layer coated in egg this is served with chips and salad.

But what makes this The Best Chicken Frankie is the chicken stuffing. This contains a beautiful chicken gravy. A nice Brown onion Garam masala based gravy is just a lil spicy. The spice isn’t overpowering. Just perfectly flavored.

As you bite into the Frankie the chicken gravy explodes in your mouth. What’s amazing is that despite being mildly flavored it packs a punch.

What I personally enjoy is eating this with a spoon and fork and then wiping of the last bits of gravy and chicken with the left over salad

Aloo Bhaja – recipe

Here’s a simple recipe for making aloo bhaja (finger chips). This makes an excellent accompaniment with dal rice or roti.

1. Chop the potatoes into thin long slices (finger chips) and keep aside.

2. Heat 2 tsp of mustard oil in a pan. Put in 2 tsp jeera and 2 whole dried red chillies and fry a little. Remember to break the chilly into 2 pieces to get maximum flavor.

3. Once the jeera and chillies stop spluttering put in the potatoes. Stir it so the potatoes are covered with the oil and jeera.  Cook for 2 minutes.

4. Now put in about 1 tsp of jeera powder and 1 tsp of haldi and salt. Stir well and cook on medium flame for 2 minutes. Cover the pan and allow it to cook on medium flame.

5. After 5 minutes open the lid. The potatoes should have softened. Add 1 onion finely chopped and 1 green chilly finely chopped. Stir well and check the seasoning. Add salt if required.

6. If you like,  add a pinch of sugar and a pinch of Garam masala. Stir well.

7. Cook this on a low flame for about 10 minutes till the potatoes are cooked through. You can tell that the potatoes are cooked if they are soft. Pick up one and take a bite. You should be able to tell if they are cooked or not.

8. Sprinkle some Dhaniya patti (coriander leaves) and enjoy!

*Remember to taste at every stage!

Let me know how it turns out. Feel free to add any suggestions to make this even better!

Restaurant reviews : Cafe Goodluck, Pune

This is one of those old awesome traditional food heritages that a city identifies with. Along with Vaishali, Roopali and wadeshwar, Cafe Goodluck is one of the favorite hangout spots for the students of FC College.

But don’t get me wrong here. This place is open from early morning till 1130 at night and every moment every day there is a line. You see people from all walks of life dining here.

Start off with the bun Omlet. Huge bun with tutti fruity with loads of butter makes the perfect snack or appetizer.

Moving on, the boiled chicken soup is a relatively new discovery of mine. It’s similar to a chicken shorba (stock) – mildly flavored and intensely healthy with a huge piece of chicken.

Another favorite of mine here is the mutton keema. Combined with the roomali roti, the keema is tasty yet not to spicy. The chicken biryani is also pretty great.

But the best item on the menu in my humble opinion, is the dal-gosht (dal with mutton). Simple dal infused with delicious tender bits of meat. Dal-gosht with roti or with jeera rice makes a beautiful fulfilling meal. Do not miss it.

End the meal with a mouth watering caramel custard or plain custard. The caramel custard is one of the best in town. Definitely worth a try.

Apart from the amazing food the icing on the proverbial cake is the fact that the prices are dirt cheap. Super value for money. One of the must visited place in pune

Average meal for two: 500/-

Map here

Zamu’s Place – Sizzlers Galore!

I discovered this place a few years back when my brother Arjya came down to pune for a couple of days and virtually forced me to take him there. Excellent decision. Sangeeta n I revisited this place a couple of days back. Here’s what happened

We started off with the bacon wrapped prawns. Yes prawns wrapped in bacon. Arguably two of my favorite meats. As I mentioned in my Facebook post when you get bacon and prawns you can’t go wrong! It was magical. Medium sized prawns wrapped with two strips of bacon each skewered with a toothpick and deep fried. Magic. 10/10

Bacon Wrapped Prawns

I also ordered the potato bacon soup. I was expecting chunks of bacon or potato but it was more of a creamy soup with a mild flavor. Under seasoned. 5/10

Potato Bacon Soup

Next came the main course. We both ordered the special steak. And it was special. A thick slice of ham (they provide a choice of pork or chicken ham)and cheese sandwiched between two thick juicy slabs of beef. The steaks were medium rare with just a bit of pink in the center and seemed to be cooked with some mild well seasoned garlic sauce . The meat was the star of the show. The slab of ham was thick and delicious and had a generous amount of cheese. On the side were the standard veggies and fries. Condiments were limited to ketchup and a particularly tangy mustard sauce. However the steak being as juicy as it was, you really didn’t need anything else

The Special Mixed Grill

For dessert we ordered the Jojo’s Special – honey glazed bacon with vanilla ice cream. Bacon glazed with honey and cinnamon with a blob of ice cream. Sheer beauty. Absolute sinful beauty.

Jojo’s Special

This is definitely among my top 2 favorite steak/sizzler places in Pune.

Zamu's Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

HighWay61- Band profile

The Band:
Each of the band members have been part of various rock bands over the past 7-8 years, and in that time they have been through the usual rock/heavy metal/film music phase that most bands go through. It is now time to make some serious music, and it is with this intention that Highway 61 was conceived.

“We believe that it is time for us to take a stand. We are the voice of a resurgent youth and we believe that it is necessary to make our voices heard. It is time to take our future in our own hands “

“hum aghaaz hai, hum anjaam hai, hum afaaq hai, hum avaaz, jo sahi vo hai raasta, jaago ab to tum zara, Jaago…”

Jaago zara- Highway 61

The Music:
“Feel” is the keyword that the band associates with. Every song has a certain feel associated with it, and it is on this feel that the song is composed. Jazz, Metal and Hindustani classical music influences can be felt in the music. Urdu/Hindi lyrics combined with Rock/Jazz give the band the unique feel that it has.

“mazhabon k beechme kho gaya tu kaha, aye khuda, kya hua, kho gaya tu kaha…”

Mazhab- Highway 61

The Name:
Highway 61 is the iconic road which runs in the USA from the ‘Delta’ i.e. the Mississippi Delta to the Canadian border. In the early 19th century, the African natives (brought to the country as slaves to work in cotton plantations) marched to their freedom over this road, migrating to mainland USA. They took just one asset with them, their music. Time saw pocket havens of music forming along the long road, born out of this early African blues music. Aptly called the Blues Highway breathes freedom, music and expression.

The People:
Mohammed Muneem: Lead Vocals/Lyricist
Born and raised in Kashmir, Muneem has been penning lyrics since the age of 14. Blessed with a powerful voice, Muneem has written and composed heart numbing songs such as Kashmir and Mazhab, which engulf you in their apathy as well as power packed numbers such as Mukhtalif, which would take you to another level of self-realization.

Arjun Mendhi: Lead Guitars
The epitome of politeness, Arjun Mendhi is the true messenger of the “Feel” component of the band. A student of Blues, his smooth, silky solos draw inspiration from David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. A perfectionist at heart, Arjun is at the moment authoring a book on Music Theory for Guitar.

Jatin Kale: Lead Guitars
In Jatin, we have the Master of Metal. His power-packed high voltage solos are legendary in the music circles. Everything works out quickly when he’s present in the jam session, Jatin proves to be a true catalyst for the band. Using speed and precision, complex riffs are a piece of cake for this guitar prodigy.

Rahul Majumdar: Bass Guitars/Backing Vocals
Trained in Hindustani Classical Music and Tabla since the age of 4, Rahul has been into music for over 20 years. Having a solid technical knowledge of both melody as well as rhythm, Rahul uses advanced Bass playing techniques to add an extra dimension to the music over and above the conventional means.

Hardik Vaghela: Keys/Backing Vocals
A fantastic singer and guitarist in his own right, Hardik lends an air of creativity in the band. His fillers, environment feels and keyboard solos make every song complete. Influenced by AR Rehman, this guy is a hit with the ladies too. Well, it does increase the band fan following so no complains about that!

Anant Joshi: Drums
Anant A.K.A. “Scary” gives the band a “Death-Metal” feel. A hardcore mad man on the drums when let loose, Anant can take even the most complicated of rhythms and seamlessly roll it into one of his gut-wrenching drum solos. Influenced by the gods of heavy metal- Megadeth, Maiden and Metallica, Anant can headbang each song into an earth shattering climax.

The Purpose:
Music. Freedom. Expression.

Writing is easy

Well, i have just started this blog. Long time since i have written one… Started wordpress only because this is the one blog which is accessible from my office machine (without cheating – vpn, ghost sites etc…)

So what do i write about? this seems a lot tougher than last time as i seem to have lost practice. but lets just give it a shot.

PS: I had drafted this in December 2008. Guess its time to publish. And since its my blog, I’ll write about just about anything. 

In pursuit of Perfection…

They say nothing’s perfect. They say that perfection is merely a direction, not a destination (or something like that). They say perfection is impossible.

Question1: Who the hell are they?

Question2: Who told them (referring to the “they” above) to give their opinions and force it on the world?

Well, i was just going through Apoorva’s blog… (apporvadixit.blogspot) He’s put up a picture of Amir Khan- All muscular and close cropped hair and a complete non-chocolate boy look. Has he achieved perfection? AK would disagree. Increase the bar. So everytime u reach there, there’s more to go? So does this mean there’s no satisfaction?
Where do we draw the line? When will we be satisfied (if there is such a thing).

I say that perfection can be achieved. Perfection can be that one perfect solo on your guitar. Perfection can be that perfect consistency of maggi noodles that you cook, with the right amount of butter. Perfection can be achieved… Everywhere… Every time… At every moment of your life, when your living and not dying, your body parts are going about doing their bodily functions with unmatched perfection.

The problem is that we focus too much on the follies… You sneezed once in the day. So we focus on that 5 second sneeze all day (yes, i have an elongated sneeze… its quite amazing) and forget about the remaining 86395 seconds of the day, when your nose behaved itself… Give the organ a lil bit of credit…

Perfection is achievable… Its not the act, but the vision that makes something perfect. Read on…

The Matrix Theory

The One.



The Choice.

Sound familiar?

Well, this is undoubtedly the best concept to have emerged out of a movie in a long long time. The number of ways this can be related to real life are staggering.

The most fascinating par about this movie is a statement made by the Oracle: “You can only look into your future until your choice.” Your future depends upon the choices you make. Sounds simple enough? It is.

Think about it. You are riding your pulsar (ya, I love these analogies). You see a truck taking a turn at the intersection right in front of you. You decide whether u speed up or slow down. Depending upon your decision, you may sail past the truck, come to a shuddering halt or crash like a bug into the windshield. It again sounds like a simple decision based on judgement of speed and distance- something that most of us (me excluded, considering my history of accidents) are gifted with. But it is this decision which will decide whether you leave the area safely, reach your destination 3 minutes late or end your life in a gruesome, albeit dramatic, way.

This is getting kind of morbid now, so lets get back to the original topic. As i was saying, Your choice determines your future. Be it a crucial choice between taking Mechanical Engineering in L. D. Engineering College, or taking the risk of Metallurgical Engineering in M. S. University, or a nominal one like what colour underwear you are gonna wear to office today, every choice does, in some mysterious way, affect the course of your life.

Life gets interesting if you decde to wear that favourite red pair of underpants and then find out, much to your dismay that they are soiled/stinking. This calls for a change of decision, or in this case, a change of underwear. Under all cicumstances, life goes on.

How would choice of underwear affect your life, u ask.

Well, consider the case of a very good friend of mine. 9th standard. Saturday- sports uniform- white pants. Now this gentleman decided, for some godforsaken reason, to wear a pair of white underpants (briefs) with red polka dots. RED POLKA DOTS! (At this point, i wonder, what natural or manmade disaster could have prompted him to even buy such a pair of pants, but then who can understand the human mind? Well, we are trying to do that here. Back to the discussion) Ya, so as I was saying, RED POLKA DOTS!

Well, white school pants tend to get transparent when wet (and so do white T-shirts – thank God for that 🙂 makes for some interesting rainy season scenery) and it rained that day. This gentleman wet hs pants (not literally) and VOILA! There it was for all to see. RED POLKA DOTS! Damn.

Life can get affected big time if you do not choose carefully. Well, his social image went for a resounding six aftr that. Red polka dots will not gain you any respect (unless you are Marilyn Monroe in Gentle men Prefer Blondes – which incidently was a black and white movie- so the colour of the dots on the dress is anybody’s guess- I guess red) and needless to say, he lost his. You see, your choice can affect your life in mysterious ways.

But then how do you make your choice?

Well, at the first phase, I use the simplest of all techniques: Elimination. Remove the crap and u r left with gold!

Aah, if only life was that simple. Try this, then move on to a very boring system of careful examination of all possibilities and then selecting the choice with the highest probability of success or the lowest probability of failure.

For example, if in doubt regarding the choice of apparel, go for black. Black always works. If you are heavy, it’ll make you look slimmer. If you are skinny, It’ll give you volume. Black works in mysterious ways. it has the least probability of failure (very low chances that you wont look good and it matches everything) and the highest probability of success (vice versa from above).

If you find all this too complicated and not worth the effort, then go with the simplest technique: GUT FEELING. This is also known as mood. “Aaj black pehenne ka mood ho raha hai.” “Mood for Pizza!” “Lets watch a Himesh movie today!” (Ok the last one is a good choice for a horrifying suicide but well, more on that later.) Obeying your moods whims will ensure that you are happy with your choice and life goes on without complications. Thats how it should be.

Keep it Simple! (Ok, now fingers tired, Germany won the semis, I’m zonked out. its 3 AM… I shall continie this later…)


The masterpiece is back!!!

As i was walkin down the road,
carrying my entire huge load,
i stopped to drink water,
wat happened next i’ll tell u later..
started my journey with rs.50 in my pocket,
there’s a very sexy heroine in hollywood called winslet Kate.
she worked in a movie called titanic,
right now i want an icecream to lick.
icecreams come in many diff flavors,
Like mango,
Be careful or it’ll melt n fall on ur lengo..
Then u’ll have to give it for dry cleaning,
A bird’s hand is called a wing..

Sir wants to question u in private,
Be careful, coz he just might get intimate..
All this can ruin ur fate,
And he might become ur life long mate.
That’ll be difficult coz then it’ll be kantaben,
There’s a huge wrist watch in london called bigben..
kaustav is sitting in front of me n he’s getting very sleepy,
Water in the pacific ocean is very deepy..

That statement is highly ironical
This poem is getting more n more paradoxical.
This poem does not make any sense,
Still we try to make it highly dense.
Increase in mass decreases the volume,
If the teacher doesn’t know anything, he says-‘assume’
We can either maarofy jhaadoo with a broom..
Or like the American idiot we can vacuum our room.

The woods are lovely dark n deep,
But in the market they’re available real cheap.
When a cockroach comes at her the girl shouts EEEP
Don’t have pepsi alone, alone give me a seeeep
I have miles to go before I sleep
When the tap is leaking, it begins to dreeep..

Now I think its time to go away,
Pls do say HI to my uncle Earnest Hemmingway,
Who lives just down the street..
Keep ur fingers crossed for our next feat.

Two depressed souls in a highly hostile atmosphere of a class room of techo..
(rahul and sandeep)

A Band Tale – Part I

Once upon a time, in the far far away land of Ahmedabad, there was this Tall Thin One with long hair and a big nose. He had a crazy passion for drumming. Then there was this other Not So Tall Thin One, who was kinda crazy and loved guitars. These two got together and started off with Summer of 69 and Its my life (absolute classics at that point of time). They jammed and jammed until one fine day, they realized- “What the hell are we doing?”

Then one fine day, the Not So Tall Thin One saw a vision- a vision of God- a God named Iron Maiden. He went out. He bought cds. He saw concerts. He learnt about a new concept- a concept called METAL. And then he realized, that if u want, u can make it Heavy Metal. That was IT. He picked up his guitar and started playing. He played and played until one day VOILA! That was IT! Fear of the Dark! The solo! Every bit of it! The Masterpiece! And this guy had mastered it!

All this while, the Tall Thin One was busy with his feet. He practiced increasing the speed of his double bass. The Not So Tall Thin One got together with the Tall Thin One and just played and magic was created!

Meanwhile, about 200 km from this place, in a small town called Baroda, there was this Dude. He had a dream. A dream of a band which would rock. And rock hard. All he wanted to do was get up there on the stage and make the crowd go crazy. He, like these other two guys, was also into guitars and drums. So he looked around and he found a diamond in the rough. A Kid. He saw that the Kid was a decent guitarist, but needed direction. At that point of time, he was still stuck at Karan Johar classics. He picked up this Kid, polished him and started off a band of his own.

But that was not the end of it. Now after the band of the Dude dissolved, he made the journey to the city of Ahmedabad in search of a future. It was fate that the Tall Thin One was part of the same batch that the Dude was. They met. They talked. The Tall Thin One invited the Dude over to his place for a jam session. There he met the Not So Tall Thin One, an aloof mind-our-own-business type of genius. There he heard Heavy Metal. That gave him a kind of rush nothing else had ever given back. He trudged back to his homeland and told the Kid about this. Things were getting warm.

Then came the winter of 2006. The Dude made the journey to the land of Pune- the land of hot girls with hot legs and sexy boots. He met the Tall Thin One who in turn introduced him to a couple of other guys who already had a band there. They needed a bassist. The Dude had never played bass. But he was ready to de anything for music. So he picked up his bass and started off. Overdrive was formed.

Over the next 6 months, Overdrive became a name to reckon with. With an impressive setlist and a formidable line up, Overdrive was set to rule the world. And soon enough, the Not So Tall Thin One joined. Overdrive was almost complete.

But then disaster struck! Jatin, one of the most prolific guitarists, was taken away. He was called to the land of the Onsite. Kunal, one of the most versatile members of the band (and the lead vox) left the company, the city and consequently the band. This spelt doom for Overdrive. With the Tall Thin One, the Not So Tall Thin One, the Dude and the Kid, it didn’t seem much. But it was not to be. In came the Kid. He filled the void that Kunal had left and Overdrive was back on its feet.

They worked hard to fill up the gap left in the band. And in 3 months we saw Soul…

It was a completely new set list… It was a revolution… It was BALLS OF METAL!!!

To be continued…