Life – Part II

That was my first blog.. ever… I dont know why i took so long to start off… I love giving gyaan… its part of my whole Cancerian persona… I have a lot to talk, and a lot of people who are willing to listen.. what more can i ask for?

So where was I? “Life Rocks”. Well it surely does. Nothing else is better. One moment u r down, but the next moment someone comes along and gives you a kick on your backside, reminding you that its YOUR life that should be up and running. I am sorry Mr. Frost sir, but there aint no time to stand and stare. Its fun at times,but suddenly u see the entire world rushing past. Its a race, and winning matters. Set your targets and move ahead. Thats all that counts.

But does it really? what about the finer points in life? where are the important people? where are your lkes and dislikes and hobbies and passions that you had filled up millions of autograph books/scrapboks with? Well, thats where the person you are comes out. Its called managing your priorities. Thats whats important. You need to decide what is important to you. But then is it right to do so?

Now this brings me to my favorite topic. What is Right and Wrong? I have held millions of arguments with my friends- Kaustav, Sangeeta, Rohan, Ankit, Bhvin…

I believe in the theory of relativity. And Democracy.

Lets put it this way. You are on your pulsar riving at 70 KMPH. For a guy on a scooty driving at 40 kmph, you are driving like a maniac! However, for the guy driving that Skoda at 90 who narrowly missed you, you are a bloody slow coach. Relativity.

Everything is relative. Every deed is only as good or bad as the last one. Get it? Well, if you didnt, watch this space for more.


Hello World

Life is weird… One day you are at the top of your world; the next day you find at your backside screwing you like there’s no tomorrow. Thats life…

Peter Ferdinand Drucker , widely considered to be the father of “modern management,” rightly says: “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.” Well, that is undoubtedly the most exciting part about life. You dont know when its gonna rain next. You don’t know when the dog will bark. You don’t know when you’ll suddenly feel this sudden uncontrollable urge to pee. All you can do is work around things.

I am an IT geek. We firmly believe in the theory of “copy-paste.” Take what you had prepared in the previous module/project/code and copy paste it. And then modify it until the code is right. That’s what we do in life. Pick up from your previous experiences, remember how you behaved there, use similar tactics now- modify as per convenience.

That’s kinda dumb i say. Where is the creativity? Where is the feeling of “Something new”? Its wierd. All our lives we feel like “kuch alag karenge” or “duniya badal denge”. How will that happen if you always do what you had done before.

“Typical style” is a common saying. Why should there be a typical style? Be different. Live life your way. Let no one dictate what you do. Because at the end of the day, it is you who have to survive. It is you who has to get up every morning, brush your teeth (optional), smoke that first smoke (not optional), sit on your shit pot (mandatory) and wonder on what color shirt you are gonna wear, or whether you have enough money in your wallet to buy that packet of ciggies, or how badly your manager wants to screw you today.

Shit, shower, shave, get ready, walk out, go to office, check mails, work (if there is any), get regular bihourly smoke, have lunch, mope around, go home, get into those amazingly comfortable pair of red tommy hilfiger boxers (which cost 500 bucks… Damn! 500 bucks for a pair of underpants)… Watch TV, have dinner and go of to sleep.

Life ROCKS! 😀


Living life to its fullest 🙂